what we do

Our niche karaoke entertainment service caters to Caribbean music genres, primarily Reggae, Dancehall, Lovers Rock with a touch of Soca and is the first of it’s kind in the UK.

Frustrated by the lack of karaoke  catering to Caribbean music we adore, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands.

Since 2014, our events bring together people of all ages, from youngsters to seniors. It’s a fun and highly entertaining event with a whole heap of vibes from the start ’til it done.

We provide our entertainment in the forms of

Monthly events in South London and ad hoc events across UK.

Spin off events with a LIVE BAND.

Private & Corporate Hire for an unforgettable experience for party guests.

Our newly launched Karaoke Card Game, also available as an online game. 

free up sing out enjoy yourself

“We don’t business about your singing ability. 

This is karaoke, there isn’t a recording contract on offer. 

Just take to the stage…


Jay9 | Founder & Host


We host regular monthly events, our main residency is currently  at The Blues Kitchen in the heart of Brixton.

Also keep your eyes peeled for our other ad hoc events.

We offer a wide selection of songs not widely available in karaoke to choose from.

Singing ability is not required at our events. We don’t care how good you sound. It’s karaoke all we want you to do is take the stage and let loose. 

Our events are ticketed with limited tickets available on the door.

At our events you and your crew have the opportunity to sign up to perform throughout the night using our online performance sign up.

Our fun and fiery host Jay9 keeps the encouragement high.

The Duke of Shellington, DJ Switch co-signs your performances and keeps the energy up with riddims.

When the karaoke is done you get to enjoy the after-party.


Launch at The Ritzy
Reggaeoke launched in the upstairs bar of the Ritzy cinema in the heart of Brixton and for the next 8 years we would share this one of a kind experience with a whole heap of people.
July 2014
Reggaeoke On The Beach
We headed to the coast. A bar on Brighton beach was the spot for an evening of rum drinking and plenty sing out vibes!
August 2015
Live Band Spin Off
A year after our inception we launched Reggaeoke LIVE at Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch. Attendees took to the stage backed by a LIVE BAND. For the next three years we hosted these events even bringing the vibes to Southbank Centre, Bernie Grant Arts Centre and The Ritzy.
September 2015
We took a trip up North and the vibes did not disappoint. We are definitely due another visit as well as other major Cities. Watch this space!
April 2017
New Residency
After years of hearing 'you need a bigger venue' we waved a sad goodbye to The Ritzy and said 'Wha Gwan Blues Kitchen' Here we continue on our quest to bring free up sing out niceness to the masses!
February 2023
Karaoke Card Game Launch
Our newest and latest addition to our entertaining experience which sets out to reach those who have longed to enjoy the Reggaeoke experience but logistics makes it tricky. Although not the same as our event experience it's better than nuttin'
April 2023
Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise
We set sail aboard Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley's 8th Annual Cruise, introducing the ship's first ever Karaoke sessions. Bringing the vibes with an eventual winner and runner up crowned for their performance efforts!
December 2023

who we are

A small dedicated team committed to bringing a unique and unforgettable experience for Caribbean karaoke which has long been overlooked and underrepresented.

Founder | Event Host | Card Game Creator


The mastermind behind this one-of-a-kind karaoke movement.

She is all about bringing people together through music, and nothing makes her happier than seeing a room full of smiling faces, singing and dancing along to the infectious melodies of Reggae, Dancehall, Lovers Rock, and Soca music. 

She’s not just your average event organiser – the ultimate multitasker extraordinaire!  From dreaming up the events to securing the venues, and from fine-tuning the karaoke to hosting events with her quick fiery and encouraging wit – she does it all. 

To take Reggaeoke to the next level and share the vibes far and wide, she’s come up with the Reggaeoke Card Game – both the physical and online versions. It’s a game changer for any gathering!  Lively cards with prompts like ‘perform a song that always gets a pull up!’ 

Players can battle it out, flinging down unforgettable performances for the ultimate Free Up, Sing Out, Enjoy Yourself vibes!

She’s on a mission to ensure Caribbean music gets the spotlight it deserves in the karaoke world. There’s no stopping her until Reggaeoke is spreading happiness and positive vibes worldwide!

Duke of Shellington | DJ

dj switch

Taking up the mantel as our resident DJ since we bounced back post-pandemic in 2021 and a long time supporter of the movement.

Those who have seen him in action will know how he has come to be known as the ‘Duke of Shellington’.

He guarantees the Karaoke and After Party vibes set good.

Switch first took to the decks at a family function aged 15 and hasn’t stopped since.

For 18 years he has travelled across the world bringing his energetic musical prowess to the masses.